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Il Tarì is an unprecedented example in the entrepreneurial world

Il Tarì Jewellery Centre was established in 1996 thanks to the intuition of a group of young Neapolitan entrepreneurs who decided to follow the way of sharing and concentrating the precious goldsmith culture and tradition.

It is not a coincidence the Centre has chosen to use the name of the ancient Arab gold coin that has been used in the Kingdom of Naples until the Aragonese period. This word, easily pronounced in any language, best expresses the relationship between the centre and the local goldsmith tradition.

Il Tarì has been in business for 20 years and represents an undisputed point of reference for the national and international jewellery sector and has been itself a model to developing international consortiums and structures with the same objectives.

The common areas, the squares, the exhibition pavilions, the 400 companies that operate within the Centre on a daily basis, contribute to rendering the Tarì an unmatched location where sharing, co-working and aggregation are the key words.

And all of this is tightly bound to a world that expresses the best of Italian creativity: Jewels.

A Successful Choice

Since 1996 Il Tarì represents a new way of doing business. A type of co-working that points at individual personality. A continuously evolving project dedicated to jewellery.
Il Tarì was born from an intuition, from a passion, from an increasingly international era.

This is the history of the last 30 years of an extraordinary sector of the Region of Campania, the jewellery sector. This is the complex story of a group of men with a common objective: leave the uncomfortable and risky city to create the safer “City of Gold”.  Tradition and creativity are the DNA of the Tarì.  A world of craftsmen and services for the goldsmith worlds: a permanent exhibition area where italian and foreigner buyers can find assistance 365 days a year.

The spaces and the services of Il Tarì are constantly at the disposal of ever-renovating forms of expression and experimentation. We organise successful Exhibitions and Events because we believe in the strength of ideas.

The value of the Tarì

The Tarì is highly esteemed worldwide: the permanent presence of 400 entrepreneurs makes the Tarì a point of reference in the production and distribution of jewellery.

The attendance figures are indicative:

each day the Tarì is frequented by over 3500 professional operators, with over 400,000 yearly attendances.

500 permanently present companies (30% production, 30% services, 40% distribution). 2500 employees

3500 daily attendances (7000 during sector fairs).

400,000 operators present yearly.

3 specialised fairs for the sector a year with of 25,000 consolidated attendances for each edition and the participation of the 400 in-house companies together with 100 external exhibitors.

850 million Euros of consolidated turnover a year.

30% of the products of the companies is exported (in prevalence to European and Mediterranean countries, to the United States, to Russia and China).

135,000 square metres of global extension, for a total of 40,000 square metres dedicated to the partners' production and distribution activity, in addition to the 9,500 square metres of fair pavilions (which are 4,000 square metres each).