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  • Brand: Bys; Bysimon; Ijewel; Simeone
  • Stand: 125 - 126
  • Telefono: +390823513830
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Enjoy Luxury was born in Naples, in1970 we began designing jewelry in silver and learned to work with technical precision and creative insight. 
We grew up together with our art and over time we have learned how to combine tradition and technology, shapes and colors, materials and design.
With this wealth of experience we look to our past with tender emotion. We emphasize the quality, reliability, elegance and efficiency of our work, yet we remain true to our original passion that
looks to the future with the tenderness of a child. Quality and dynamism are the guiding principles of Bysimon. Our daily commitment to our work guarantees maximum satisfaction to our customers. At Bysimon, quality is achieved through the
perfect balance of product, price and service and is based on the four cornerstones of distinctive style, unique products, an advanced corporate concept and timely service.

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