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  • Referente: Vincenzo Aucella
  • Brand: 925ByAucella; Amami Pearls; Aucella Luxury
  • Stand: 106
  • Telefono: +390823513139
  • FAX: +390823513139
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Eighty years of praise as a way of doing entrepreneurship and producing beauty, feeling, and culture. Family, tradition, craftsmanship, imagination, shop, and market and, of course, corals, cameos, and jewels: Aucellas’ history is all into these eighty years, from 1930 to today. 
The Aucellas themselves ironically define their history as “a mysterious disease”. 
This mystery probably lies in the passion that has involved three generations and now also the fourth.

To tell the truth, as a sort of imprinting, Aucellas’ history as coral manufacturers begins well before, in the late XIX century, during the golden age of coral beds in the nearby sea. The plentiful presence of the raw material (coral) spontaneously created the “Torre del Greco” phenomenon. To make a portrait of this town, we could not but refer to Aucellas’ history, an example that surely embodies the development and raison d’être of this industrious, fertile, and eccentric district. Although jealously proud of its past, Torre del Greco projects itself into the future. Its uniqueness makes the district a special category, practically a brand of world renown.

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