Del Gatto

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Founded towards the end of the 19th century in Torre Del Greco, Del Gatto S.r.l. have been trading for sixth generations and still retain an unaltered passion for coral, shells, and natural stones.
The company’s commercial history started with Aniello Del Gatto & his son Giovanni, whose knowledge and professionalism generated a strong network, at first spanning from Torre Del Greco and between Vienna and the United States, and subsequently extending to the rest of the world with great success. Del Gatto S.r.l. today’s Chairman is Ernesto Del Gatto, and his son Francesco is the company CEO.
The selection of the best quality shells corals and turquoise, the sophisticated cutting and setting techniques, and an accurate style research process, are the Del Gatto’s key success factors. The well-preserved family traditions have been passed on through generations, allowing for superb craftsmanship. The first and foremost inspiration comes from the raw materials with their natural shapes and colours, an infinite source of chromatic combinations. The aim of the company is to craft unique pieces that tell of their origin and experience, all the while defining the personality and character of the wearer.
Del Gatto constantly designs new creations that meet the expectations and desires of their clients by presenting items of extremely high quality tailored to the individual’s needs, and by offering an all improved “post sale” customer support. Del Gatto S.r.l. established presence on the market has allowed the company to participate and showcase in the various national and international events, fairs and exhibitions, such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Il Tarì.

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