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Antonella Aquilino was born in Bari, where she currently lives and works.

She attended the Art Institute, graduated in applied art in jewelry, she specializes in gemology and acquires experience in the goldsmith art. After completing her studies she began her career at the family jewelry company, dedicated herself to the production of her own line of jewelry. Her first creations feature innovative lines, combine silver with shells and glass polished by the sea.Over the years she experienced various goldsmith techniques and introduces the use of gold, Antonella’s creations combine original design and functionality.She uses various techniques, from the lost-wax casting, to the more traditional technique of the entirely handmade.

Ms. Aquilino currently participates in various sector events: Orolevante, Fiera del Levante in Bari, Fiera di Vicenza - "Emerging Designers" section, Milan Fair, Dubai Exhibition and Tokyo Exhibition

Over the past she has been producing a dedicated line of jewelry for the USA under the brand, Mrs B collection, featuring irregular pearl (scaramazze), combined with semi-precious gems and a rose gold. Antonella Aquilino’s jewelry is all about unique pieces.


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