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Oroverde & figli

The history of OROVERDE begins in Naples in the ancient time of the city area called Piazza Orefici where since the time of Queen Giovanna D’Angio come together with French Goldsmith, soon after she was amaze with the creativity of Neapolitans skilled artisans.

In the middle of the square, she organize a council where to supervise the work done by the Neapolitans artists. When in the 17th century, the Viceroy Marquis Del Caprio ruled the district the art of Silversmith and Goldsmith was allowed and that was the beginning of the Ancient area of skilled people for the manufacture of exclusive jewellerys.

The creativity and the spirit of the artistic language of the place fascinated Mr.Paolo Verde, founder of the Oroverde company in 1948. In his Goldsmith workshop he begun with enthusiastic and dedication of the art of goldsmith in Piazza Orefici.

Mr.Paolo Verde,he was using the anvil, torch, graver, shear and "the hand of hare" to clean his old desk to collect the filings. His spool rings were his best selling.

In the mean time in the same workshop, new ideas were born and take shape. Mr.Umberto Verde, son of Mr.Paolo Verde, decide to combine the existing activity with the wholesale of  precious gems.

Today, the OROVERDE Company is the 3th generation managed by Mr.Fabrizio Verde, Mr.Paolo Verde brother and sister Miss.Mariana Verde. As team work they are continuing with the same creativity and enthusiasm of his founder Mr.Paolo Verde.

OROVERDE brand today is one of the most respectful company in the distributions of gold and precious in Italy manufactured from the best italian brands. The success of the business has been a formula combined with the Instant Delivery that made possible for the distribution  of gold and precious.

OROVERDE brand is present at Tarì Caserta Campania Region, as centre point of jewellerys and precious nationally and internationally. Also the success of the OROVERDE Company has been possible with the employees that they are highly  qualified with professional attitudes of the sales of jewellerys. Also we stock large range that has been made with research and careful selections of quality that we are able to meet any types of requirements in real time.

OROVERDE is also official distributor of international well known brand UNOAERRE
That manufacture of wedding bands and promise rings.