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Roberto Giannotti

Today the Roberto Giannotti Group is one of the the most active and prestigious companies in the Italian setting. With its 4 companies and diversified businesses, today the Group has acquired one of the most interesting business players on the market. G.Robert is the company of the group that produces and distributes, through the Roberto Giannotti brand, mid-high-end mini-jewelry. For years the Roberto Giannotti company has been synonymous to “Italian export” constantly expressing a particular sensitivity to the quality and performance of the most modern materials.

The coexistence between ancient handicrafts and the latest technologies has made the company one of the most advanced national realities in the design and production of its own jewels. In 2002 the Giannotti family launched the Angeli collection on the market. A product that is simple and extremely emotional and evocative at the same time. The collection portrays the symbol of an innate and natural protection: the Angel. With a unique and innovative style, the collection, made entirely with precious materials, presents an added value, the Guardian Angel, a unique figure in the reference market that conquers the attention and interest of an increasingly wider audience. In December 2006 the Angel Whisperer had origin. It is a product of great emotional power, which in a short time became our brand’s icon and one of the greatest best sellers in the history of the Italian Jewellery. Even if mainly dedicated to the ladies’ world, really thanks to its extraordinary versatility it is suitable for different purchase occasions.

Until today the Chiama Angeli is still one of the flagship products of the brand; Whatever the occasion behind a purchase, the choice of a Giannotti jewel means giving not only a top quality product, but above all, an emotion to the receiver of the gift.